Money and Bitcoin

Money and Bitcoin What about money? The economic properties of money may in fact be closest to those of language, and this may explain the confusion in economics over the fact that something with no ‘intrinsic value’ can be so valuable. Psychological discomfort with this attribute explains both recurrent desires to return to a gold standard, and the more fashionable idea – that money is a debt. Money in fact… Read Article →

Introduction to Paper Wallet of Bitcoin

Introduction to Paper Wallet of Bitcoin As the name suggests, it is a digital wallet mapped onto a paper and just like a digital wallet keeps the public and the private keys, a paper wallet contains copies of the public and the private keys. Since the keys are printed on a paper, the paper (in effect, the keys) can be safely stored at any place; at home, at a security… Read Article →

Benefits of Use Bitcoins

Benefits of Use Bitcoins Bitcoin is Anti-Inflationary Bitcoin can protect you from inflationary trends, thereby leaving more money in your hands and improving the purchasing power. You ask how? Well, inflation is generally caused by a mismatch in demand and supply; when supply is more than demand, prices drop and inflation falls. We have seen how the Federal Reserve has been printing money to pay off the national debt but… Read Article →

How Buy with Bitcoins

How Buy with Bitcoins Through this series of posts our hope is to educate new, existing, and potential Bitcoin users on topics directly related to the consumer experience of using Bitcoin. There are many misconceptions surrounding the Bitcoin ecosystem. Perhaps one of the more misleading examples is the claim that bitcoins aren’t useful due to the lack of places that accept it as a form of payment, meaning there is… Read Article →

6 Exchanges of Bitcoins

6 Exchanges of Bitcoins 1. Kraken Kraken is a feature-rich cryptocurrency trading platform. It combines Forex trading and Bitcoin exchanges into one comprehensive service. Kraken has advanced order forms such as Stop-Loss, Trailing Stop and Take Profit, meaning that you can trade exactly how you want. To match these trading features, Kraken has big-picture security, including full reserves, extensive legal council and strong relationships with banks. Kraken supports USD and… Read Article →

6 Thinks about Bitcoin

6 Thinks about Bitcoin 1. What Are Bitcoins? The Bitcoin is a form of currency without notes and coins, it is a digital currency. In this era of Internet and digitization, we’ve moved from phone to VoIP calls, face-to-face meeting to video conferencing, fax to email, cable television to IP TV, and the list goes on. 2. Who Developed The Idea Of Bitcoins? The concept of Bitcoins was developed by… Read Article →